Plankton Safari



A safari is traditionally a trip by non-Africans to Africa with loaded rifles to hunt big game. Today, it is still the same trip but with cameras and gigabytes of SD memory chips. Actually, there are now safaris to the Arctic, the Antarctic, the Amazon, Micronesia, the Galapagos Islands, and maybe soon to the outer space. Our “Plankton Safari” will visit another environment: water – water in ponds, lakes, and oceans. We will observe fierce predators, hungry grazers, and animals searching for mates. We will see big and small animals behaving, feeding, escaping – whatever one does to have a life and to survive.

One big difference! Our environment is very small for us, too small to get there ourselves. A few inches, a few centimeters, a few seconds, the predator got its prey, the grazer found enough food for a day, and mating happened to insure a next generation. Small and fast – we need special cameras, special techniques to observe what’s going on in that environment. Not easy, but doable!

What do we need to go there? First, we need safari guides who have been there. Second, we need special equipment, equipment for the expert, and equipment for the tourist. Third, we need to know how our animals look like, where we can find them and at what times. And then, we can observe them, wondering what they are doing – so different from what we are used to see in our world. A real safari! Let’s go, click within the right panel.

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